PRT – Hydraulic press with movable stanchion for pipe straightening

Control panel with display

  • Rigid arm with 180 ° rotation
  • Siemens Display touchscreen KPT600 for setting work sizes, times of pressing and pressure of work
  • Pushbuttons for control stanchion mouvements and upstroke/downstroke cylinder
  • PLC Siemens
  • Electrovalves REXROTH


  • “V” Support mounted on the main cylinder for pipe straightening
  • 2 “V” movables thrust seal support
  • 2 “V” manual movables support with hydraulic cylinder supporti mobili manuali con cilindro idraulico to lift the pipe and hydraulic motor to make the rotation

Hydraulic unit

  • Double speed of stanchion
  • Double speed of cylinder
  • Possibility to install proportional electrovalves to improve the accuracy of position and pressure
  • Air/oil heat exchanger with decompression valve