Special Presses

Special purpose presses also called as bespoke machines are designed to meet specific performance requirements.

Our strength is the creation of new or special models, tailored to the customer. With the needs and problems to be solved, we design new solutions and new models.

Special Presses

Pipe Calibration


Tonn: 85

Special feature: 40 ton horizontal ejector cylinder. medium-fast molding (120mm / sec)

Use: Pipe calibration

Springs closure


Tonn: 90

Special features: 2500mm vertical light, 4 column-shaped structure. Side closure with thick grilled nets.

Use: Crushing of large springs

PTR 50

Tonn: 50

Special feature: upper worktop. Main cylinders with work in traction.

Use: Crushing of large springs

Fitting full tires


Hydraulic press with monolithic structure specific for replacing solid tires (forklift trucks, machines for internal handling).

With the following dimensional and technical features:

  • work plate with 4 chamfers
  • rod cover with flange
  • wrapped rubber tubes
  • Light between flange and support surface 1000mm
  • Floor height from the ground – 610mm
Horizontal presses

PHP 150

Tonn: 150

Special features: horizontal press, stroke 1000, automatic control, auxiliary cylinder for lifting pieces.

Use: valve testing

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