Presses for pressworks

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SICMI is a hydraulic press manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic cold press machines. This type of press satisfies all those cold sheet metal processing requirements related to deformation by working molds. Thanks to the indications of the customer and the mold maker we create the customized press. Each molding press model meets different needs.

The first important subdivision is linked to the processing speed.

The PST – PCL and PSQ models are models for medium productions or for mold tests, as the speed does not exceed 30 mm / sec, following CE regulations related to self-certification.

The MST and MCL models are more performing for medium / high productions and reach a maximum speed of 120 mm / Sec.

The GNP model is for high productions with maximum speeds of 300 mm / Sec.

The PSL multi-function press contains 3 processes in one. Very suitable for workshops that perform many different jobs.