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Electro-hydraulic press for sheet metal stamping and bending

Upon specific request of one of our customers, we have created the following 30 ton electro-hydraulic gooseneck press suitable for various sheet metal stamping and bending operations:

Equipped with:
– Upper surface with roller guides for excellent parallelism of the surface
– Stroke of the main cylinder 700mm
– Lower surface milled with T-slots to customer specification
– Special sliding side nets for bulky molds with photoelectric barriers positioned on the front
– Stripper cylinder with digital stroke adjustment
– Digital control with touchscreen display for setting the dimensions and speeds of the main cylinder

This hydraulic press is equipped with all safety devices according to current regulations, the operator can use the press in the following ways:

– With closed nets with active barriers: the cycle is automatic with a simple push of a button and the operator's hands can be free – approach speed higher than 120mm/Sec
– With open nets and deactivated barriers: the operator can activate the press with the double buttons simultaneously and the descent is 30 mm/sec
– Alternatively, the pedal can also be used, but in this case the maximum approach speed is 9 mm/sec

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