Informativa Cookie


Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to the user’s device when they visit a website. Upon each subsequent visit, the cookies are resent to the same website where they originated (first-party cookies) or to another website that recognises them (third-party cookies). Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise the user’s device. They have various uses, such as facilitating efficient browsing of web pages, remembering preferred websites, and generally improving the browsing experience.

Based on their function and the purpose of their use, cookies can be divided into technical, profiling and third-party cookies.


Technical cookies enable functions without which it would not be possible to use the WEBSITE fully.

They facilitate the functioning of procedures based on several steps (several successive pages, such as a contact request) and make it possible keep track of user’s content and display choices on the WEBSITE and of the functionalities to be activated or deactivated.

A cookie of this kind is also used to remember the user’s decisions about the use of cookies on our website.

Essential cookies cannot be disabled when using the website’s functions.

Technical cookies also include those used for statistical analysis of access or visits to the website (‘analytical cookies’), which are used exclusively for statistical purposes and collect aggregated information without the possibility of identification of an individual user.

Analytical cookies may also pertain to third parties (such as Google Analytics), whose data privacy policies should be referred to for further information.


The purpose of profiling cookies is to improve the user experience of the WEBSITE by suggesting content tailored to the preferences expressed by the user during browsing, based on the content viewed and other behavioural parameters.

The user can decide to deactivate the use of individual WEBSITE cookies using the dedicated options in their browser.

In this case, some of the WEBSITE’s functionalities may not be available.


The WEBSITE uses external functionalities and contains external links in order to improve integration with commonly used third-party sites and social networks (e.g. Google, Facebook share buttons, etc.).

These functionalities and links may involve the use of third-party cookies. For further information, please refer to the specific privacy notice published on the individual sites in question.


It is possible to deactivate cookies using the options provided by your web browser. Below are some examples relating to the most commonly used browsers.

Internet Explorer

Select “Tools” from the menu bar

Click “Internet Options”

Under “Browser history”, go to the “General” box and click “Delete”


Select “Tools” from the menu bar

Click “Options”

Click “Privacy”

Click “Remove now”

Select “Cookies”

Click “Delete personal data now”

Google Chrome

Click the Chrome menu button

Click “Options”

Click “Show advanced settings”

Under “Privacy and security”, click “Content settings”

Click “Remove all site data”


Go to the Safari menu (icon at the top right of the browser) and select “Preferences”

In the window that opens, select the “Security” (padlock) icon

Under “Accept cookies”, select “Never” Exercising your rights