Sicmi headquarter


SICMI: we are a hydraulic press manufacturer specializing in high quality hydraulic press machines

From our first SICMI PF oleodynamic presses (now the PFF) up to the present day, we have developed 16 standard models of oleodynamic presses of different capacities and sizes. We have created a catalogue that can meet a wide variety of moulding, folding and straightening needs.

Our customers have used these models as a launchpad from which to develop other versions – special purpose press machines, capable of satisfying more specific, specialised needs.
And it is here that our real strength lies: for us, designing and building high-quality presses is a duty, while producing versions capable of performing specific or special operations is a source of pride that originates from our artisanal heritage.

Each model is developed internally, from the research and design phases through to assembly and final testing.

These are the key phases of the SICMI production process:

  • Assembly of structural work and welding
  • Cutting and folding
  • Turning – boring and drilling
  • Varnishing
  • Assembly and testing

Thanks to the company’s UNI EN ISO 9002 certification, each part of the process is monitored by the Head of Production and Quality Control, guaranteeing a safe, reliable production process.