How SICMI works

We want to preserve the most authentic values of our craftsmanship while optimizing processing times and our engineering, development and production practices. We want to do it by integrating new technologies in these processes: this is the business philosophy we want to share with our customers.

In a market where everyone claims to produce anything, holding the specialization in the sector of sheet metal presses means offering solutions and machines of top quality and technological precision. By concentrating on versatility and features of our products, we have chosen to develop new models that meet the specific needs of each customer, including machines dedicated to special processing.

For this reason we have created a catalogue, to introduce 16 standard press models ranging from 20 to 1000 tons. These models are the starting point to develop highly customized solutions, completely in line with the open attitude typical craftsmen.

Having acquired new customers and increased production, we felt the need to develop an extremely qualified sales and customer service network, and today it is in place throughout all of Europe, the USA, the Arab countries, Vietnam, India and China.

Certifications obtained by SICMI

Although slow moulding presses requires a simple self certification, at SICMI we have chosen to obtain official certifications to be able to provide our customers with further assurances of safety and confidence in us.

The UNI EN ISO 9002:2008 Quality certification System for our company a significant step forward. As we approached the domestic and international market, we have certainly believed that was essential for us to adopt a system that would allows us to grow with the goal of constant improvement.

This is reflected in our relationship with the customers, the approach to sales and the administration management, as well as designing, development and production. All these features are essentials within the production process at SICMI, and they are in place to ensure the maximum level of quality and reliability.