GNP – High Speed Oleodynamic Forming Press (300 mm/sec)

GNP is a high speed C frame hydraulic press designed to perform sheet metal deep cold deformation work (drawing press) with very high production cycles (350 mm/sec). The press is provided with two main hydraulic operations: the main slider, which generates the stroke and the sheet metal deformation thrust and the blankholder pad, whose purpose is to hold the sheet metal allowing sliding control. The GNP press therefore can perform very fast processing, with precision and total safety, thanks to the “two hand control” and the light barriers. With the CNC system is also possible to customize and manage the various processing cycles.

Among the main characteristics that contribute to establishing this fast press special quality here are some highlights:

structure in arc-welded steel, engineered for maximum stiffness and minimum flexure in condition of maximum load, which ensures perfect operation in all processing.
The press cylinder and the blankholder one for deep drawing.
Digital control with touch-screen display to configure dimensions and times.
The oleodynamic control unit with variable capacity pump and monitored solenoid valves.

Should your company require different characteristics, please check all Sicmi’s forming presses.