Hydraulic Press Machines

In its many years of experience in the field SICMI has developed a catalogue of 16 standard models of hydraulic presses. The machines are divided based on the type of sheet metal processing. The main applications are Stamping, Straightening, Fitting, and Bending. But we take special pride also in hydraulic press machines for special processing. Starting from the standard models, we build custom hydraulic presses, specific for the customer’s precise requirements.

Sicmi general catalog

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Flexibility and development

Developing highly customized hydraulic press models dedicated to specialized processing is an important and strategic part of our company.

Starting from customers’ requests and their specific points, our technical office begins researching the best suited solution, thus developing a highly performing and reliable product.

To succeed in developing our activity, we considered essential to combine the knowledge and flexibility of our craftsmanship experience with the speed and precision made available by new technology.

Among the main solutions developed in recent years, we would like to highlight the following applications:

PSL Model: a new production that combines three different processing: stamping, moulding and straightening. This is accomplished by an innovative quick tool change system that cuts considerably setup time for the press. This press is extremely versatile and complete.

PDL Model: oleodynamic bending press, developed to reach greater precision and comfort of use compared to equivalent models proposed by competitors. We have achieved this by focusing on building the monolithic frame, the adjustment holes and the sheet metal supports;

PBM Model: hydraulic press with manual pull out work table, born from the need to work large-sized pieces and making loading and unloading easy to do;

MST and MCL Models: presses for sheet metal forming with good production speed. CE certified presses pursuant annex IV and with top quality components.

PSQ Model: four column moulding oleodynamic press, with low speed for mould testing and for medium size production cycles.

PRT Model: press for straightening mechanical tubing or rods of various lengths. Manually operated mobile carriages, hydraulic pipe lifting arm and rotation system to easily find the spot to be straightened. The mobile upright and the loading supports carry out the final straightening action.

PMM Model: sheet metal straightening press. The most popular and renown of Sicmi’s production.
A number of solutions proposed by designing specialized presses that fit customized solutions for removal of motor shafts. From the horizontal press to that with frontal lift: these targeted solutions are designed to meet specific needs that many customers have raised with us during the engineering phase.
Other types of applications are available on the individual pages describing the presses for special processing.