Sicmi headquarter


SICMI: hydraulic press manufacturers

From the early SICMI PF hydraulic press (currently, the PFF) up to today’s, we have developed 16 standard models of oleodynamic presses with different power and dimensions. Our production features a range of machines that fully meet moulding, bending and straightening needs.

These models inspired our customers to develop other versions meant to satisfy targeted and specialized requirements.
And there lies our true strength: designing and building high quality presses is a dutyfor us, producing versions that perform special or dedicated processing is for us a source of pride that has roots in our origin as artisans.

Each model is developed in-house, from research phases and design up to installation and final test.

At SICMI’s the production process is organized in these main phases:

  • Structural work assembly and welding
  • Cut and bending
  • Turning– boring
  • Painting
  • Assembly and test

Thanks to the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, every part of the process is checked by the Head of Production and by Quality Control, ensuring production safety and reliability.